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Volvo Diplomat Sales - Spain
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Volvo Values

Safety, Environment, Quality and Design – the core values of Volvo.

Unique Benefits For Diplomats and International Organisations

Volvo has been serving the diplomat community since 1956, offering one of the most comprehensive diplomat sales programs on the market.

All over the world, diplomats and tax-free personnel at international organizations share an exclusive privilege – the facility to buy a new tailor-made Volvo at very special terms.

Autovillage is your official factory-direct sales outlet for Military and Diplomatic Sales in Spain. We have served the military and diplomatic communities for over 40 years and have thousands of satisfied customers worldwide.

We have a comprehensive knowledge and professional style of service to make your purchase of a Volvo effortless. The substantial price advantage is only one of the reasons why you should not let this opportunity pass you by!

Who Is Eligible?

We are privileged to serve all personnel of:

Eligible or not? Don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions about our offers.

Unique Diplomat Benefits

These include:

Our dedicated team is there for you every step of the way and can assist with both registration and the current rules and regulations. Simply choose where, when and how you would like to have your personally tailor-made Volvo delivered and we'll make the necessary arrangements.

NEW Drive and Sign Offer

Exclusive discounts just for diplomats, save up to €3,500 on selected models.

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Now Available!

The brand new urban SUV from Volvo is here. Built for the city it is designed, whatever your journey, to take you with confidence and control. Find out more about the All-New Volvo XC40 by clicking on the link below.

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